Shipping everything from chemicals to canned ham

One of the benefits of working with Shaker Logistics is that, over our 30+ years in business, we’ve shipped nearly every kind of freight you can imagine. We understand the complexities of time-sensitive or expedited shipments, the care and concern needed for specialized freight, and the get-it-there-safely-at-a-good-price for commodities.

Across the years, some of our favorite projects have been moving unexpected freight. From giant LEGO displays to a live rice paddy to the entire Star Wars exhibit for Disneyland, we work with our customers to design programs and solutions that meet their needs. That includes using our extensive network of partner carriers as a trusted truckload broker and relying on our own fleet for critical expedited shipments. We assemble the puzzle pieces so that any customer’s freight, no matter how interesting or commonplace it is, gets to its destination.

Check out the video above to learn about some of our favorite projects, including Spam!