Tradeshow Logistics & Event Transport

We get it. Tradeshows are an opportunity to show your customers and prospects what you’re all about. The right presentation makes your organization’s value come to life. We’ll take care of securely transporting your equipment and exhibits, so you can focus on connecting with your customers.

Trusting your exhibit to an inexperienced carrier will cost you time, money, and your reputation. From our leadership team to the driver on site—our entire staff is experienced in tradeshow logistics and what it takes to be successful.

Does your show calendar look more like the Periodic table? We can help simplify your schedule. Our team will map a show program that makes the most of time between shows and eliminates unnecessary shipments.

We rely on proprietary assets as well as our extensive network of carriers to provide exclusive delivery to and from shows. We take the time to ensure everyone involved understands the timeline, process, and set-up to avoid missed deadlines and forced freight.

Did you forget a crucial piece of your booth or exhibit? It happens. Do you have marketing materials in fulfilment on the other side of the country? No problem. We’ll marry them up with your other freight at the final delivery, saving you time and money.

Sprechen sie tradeshow? Shipping overseas presents its own set of challenges—and we’re well qualified to tackle all of them. No matter what side of the globe you’re traveling to, we’ll help you get there and back. We’ll take the worry out of clearance, carnets, and documentation.