Full Truckload Shipping

We don’t try to put our clients in a box. Once we fully understand your needs, we deliver a tailored solution. The more you work with us, the better we get at anticipating what works best for your company.

We blend our extensive carrier network with our own fleet to make sure you always have the right type of truckload capacity when and where you need it. You can move ahead with confidence, knowing that we’re finding the transportation options that fit you best.

Combined with our nationwide carrier network, our company owned, GPS-enabled fleet of carriers covers the entire continent and delivers unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. It’s what helps us thrive on last-minute, end-of-quarter, and hard-to-move lanes that others struggle with.

The nation’s top chemical and pharma companies trust Shaker to get raw materials and finished goods to and from their plants in alignment with demanding production schedules. We excel at securing capacity for hazardous materials so that your supply chain never breaks.

No need to worry about your chocolate melting or your water freezing! Our experienced staff will identify the right equipment to ensure your sensitive freight remains at the correct temperature throughout its journey.

Not sure if you need a Stepdeck, Conestoga, Double Drop or RGN? We’ll help you figure out which you need and find a truck to get you rolling on five, nine, or all 13 axles.

Is time on your side? Are you looking for a more economical option? We have options that will satisfy you, your boss, and your bottom line.

Finding capacity in a tight market can really slow you down. With our dedicated fleet services, you can rest assured knowing you have trucks where and when you need them.

We love a challenge. Our team has the expertise and equipment to deliver solutions for just about any job. How about a straight truck to deliver high-value, blanket-wrapped fixtures to a store with no dock tomorrow at 6 am? Or a hazmat shipment to Canada that can’t freeze? We’ve got you covered! View Our Specialized Services