One company with the team, services, and resources you need to Move Ahead.

We’ve been in it for the long haul—and for plenty of short hauls, too. For nearly three decades, we’ve reliably delivered transportation solutions for customers, always putting their needs first.

group of employees with one in cab of truck and rest standing in front

When our customers outgrew our first cargo van, we bought a truck. When one wanted daily distribution to its retail stores, we bought a few more. When we were asked to run regional line hauls, we bought a fleet.

Moving freight is a challenge, and the best logistics providers relish not only the puzzle of how to get goods where they need to go, but how to do it while building long-lasting partnerships with customers. We’ve taken great care to build our network of carriers and develop a customer-first mindset so that we become an irreplaceable resource in the supply chain.

Our sights are set squarely on our future growth: A recent $5 million investment in a new headquarters gives us an expanded warehouse and space for our team to thrive. That growth isn’t for its own sake, but is a natural extension of helping our customers prosper and discover new markets. We are only successful because our customers are.

We’ve gone through a few names during our company’s existence: Excelsior Freight, The Shaker Group, Shaker Transport. (Once you’ve known us a while, ask us to tell you about our truly humble beginnings as Shaker Video.)

Today, and for the future, we are Shaker Logistics: one company with the team, services, and resources you need to Move Ahead.