We’ve shipped anything you can imagine (and some things you probably can’t)

A life-sized LEGO display. Bulk chemicals. Beer. Dresses. The entire Star Wars attraction at Disneyland. Once, we even came this close to shipping an F-16 fighter jet across the Florida interstate! Our extensive knowledge and experience means that shippers rely on Shaker to arrange reliable transportation for all kinds of goods and products.

Manufacturing and Machinery

No matter what you make, we make sure it arrives intact and on time. From commodity goods like tissue and pet care to complex medical machinery or energy equipment, Shaker’s done it.

Chemical, Hazmat, and Pharma

Safety and security is our top priority, and we strictly vet carriers (or use our own fleet) when handling sensitive materials that require chain-of-custody and special compliance.


We can criss-cross the country to get inventory to retail stores when you need it and design import and air avoidance programs to deliver goods on time and within budget.

Tradeshows and Events

Blankets, straps, strict arrival windows, city delivery permits, union halls — don’t let your tradeshow investment fall apart because your booth doesn’t show up. Trust Shaker!

Construction and Architecture

We can expedite materials to job sites and be there when construction crews arrive to keep it all moving. We expertly handle delicate or breakable shipments so your project can shine.

Cold Chain

You’d never gamble with product safety, especially not with foodstuffs. We’d never gamble our reputation (or yours) by having melted ice cream or spoiled meat arrive.

What Our Clients Say

“Who else would I trust? The more I work with Shaker, the more they’ve gotten to know what drivers I like to work with. Everyone is fantastic. I have never had another company provide this level of service. I don’t ever second-guess Shaker. They are so on-point it’s not even funny!”