Freight Technology Enables Our Superstar Team

Our people set Shaker apart, but they’re all assisted by the latest technology and software that helps us move freight safely, efficiently, and with constant visibility. We work with shippers to integrate with their own technology to seamlessly deliver.

Tracking and Tracing

Macropoint offers us real-time tracking via ELD or cell phones, so we always know where your load is on the road and can provide location updates when you need them, including 24/7 online. Our own fleet uses industry-leading Samsara ELD, and our reefers are equipped with Orbcomm reefer management technology to monitor, control, and report temperatures all along the journey, and send notifications of any reefer issues. Through our TMS, we can set up integrations with our shipper’s own systems to seamlessly manage tenders and reporting.

Load Matching

Technology helps us find the capacity you need. We use multiple load boards, including ITS and DAT, to find live trucks outside of our network of preferred carriers when needed. Combined with real-time insights from FreightWaves and DAT Market Conditions, our team can quickly adapt to volume changes on key lanes and competitively price freight to find capacity. Shaker is part of the Full Circle/Sylectus exclusive expedited network, giving us daily access to 10,000+ expedited vehicles nationwide.


Saferwatch provides us up-to-date carrier safety data and FMCSA scores, which our operations team puts through our own internal algorithm to determine whether a carrier meets our exacting standards. We use Assure Assist to proactively ensure all carriers in our network have current insurance certificates on file. Shaker’s fleet is equipped with Samsara in-cab monitoring and the Infinit-I training platform to keep drivers focused on safe habits.