Freight Management Services

With Shaker as your third-party logistics partner, your supply chain gets a whole lot smarter.

We design freight management programs that integrate several service types and can help you make better decisions about transportation.

Rely on Shaker’s decades of expertise to help your team navigate changing regulatory, equipment, and technology trends in freight.

Our comprehensive assessment of your entire supply chain can find efficiencies in your internal processes and generate significant cost savings. We evaluate everything from scheduling to staffing to carrier selection, and develop solutions that maximize ROI. By drawing on decades of knowledge, we design programs that work and creatively meet your needs.

Having shipping capacity when you need it is non-negotiable, so we assess your carriers and work with our strategic partners or our own fleet to provide guaranteed capacity. We can stage trucks in key areas so that they’re always available for critical projects, and address capacity crunches with solutions you can rely on.

Shaker Logistics can review your shipping patterns (inbound and outbound) and determine whether frequency and routes can be adjusted or consolidated to be more efficient, more cost effective, or to provide better service for your customers. We can help you optimize for seasonality, turnaround time, zone jumping, and inventory control.

Smaller shipments are no problem for Shaker. We work with our nationwide network of less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers to find the best rates when a full trailer isn’t needed. We can quickly quote LTL shipments and provide real-time tracking as your freight moves. Our secure LTL portal puts you in total control of your freight: generate quotes, book shipments and track loads 24/7 online.

Our holistic look at your entire supply chain can help determine what regions or cities should house inventory or distribution hubs. We conduct competitive assessments of warehouse capacity and route planning to optimize shipping lengths and delivery times.

Determining whether to manage and maintain your own fleet or to outsource delivery includes many factors: labor costs and employee reliability, maintenance and regulatory costs, insurance, and more. We work with you to conduct cost comparisons and find ways to optimize transportation processes for reliability while limiting capex and personnel costs.