Become a Freight Carrier

At Shaker, we treat carriers like the critically important link in the supply chain that they are. Haul for us and see how different it can be to work with a broker who actually cares.

Giant brokers create giant headaches for carriers. That’s not us. We’re a competent, focused, honest team that values or relationships with carriers. We get it — carriers are the linchpin of a solid operation.

Shaker is a better broker. We operate our own fleet, so we know what’s important to carriers and drivers. Wasting time by fishing for rates? We don’t do that. We offer loads we actually have; loads that carriers want. We work with reliable, safe carriers and drive repeat business to them.

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We Give You What You Need

Shaker’s experienced staff understands the industry and the needs of carriers. Our team has been moving loads for decades and knows the ins and outs of a complex business. We give you accurate load details up front. We treat you fairly, communicate openly, and are understanding when things go haywire on the road. We pay you fairly and on time. Carriers are our partners, and we work to quickly solve problems and get you moving.