Fighting Cancer One Mile at a Time

Two of the newest trucks in Shaker’s fleet are hitting the road to fight cancer. These trucks have been wrapped with a special graphics package that features the message “Fighting Cancer: One Mile at a Time” and a large cancer ribbon encircling Shaker’s logo. For every mile that these trucks drive during their service with Shaker, the company will donate $0.05 to two cancer charities: The V Foundation for Cancer Research and the NYOH Community Cancer Foundation.

Donate to the V Foundation

Donate to NYOH Foundation

The trucks are being driven by two Shaker drivers with a personal connection to cancer: Ed Coons lost both of his parents to cancer, most recently his father in March 2023; and Mike Gleason underwent treatment for cancer in summer of 2023. Mike’s wife is also a cancer survivor.

Shaker employees gathered on October 13 for a special send-off ceremony. They were asked to submit stories and photos of loved ones who’ve battled, beaten, or succumbed to cancer. Employees wrote tribute messages and names of loved ones in small notebooks that will travel around in each truck.

“When we announced this program internally, we were really moved by some of the stories that came in from members of our team,” said Jason Smith, CEO. “We learned of other employees who are currently battling cancer, people who have lost parents and loved ones to the disease, and those who play a major role in caregiving for someone with cancer. This program honors all of them and we hope that it will make a difference.”

Shaker selected the V Foundation for its focus on funding transformational research across all types of cancer and its unique endowment structure that enables 100% of funds raised to go directly to research. NYOH Community Cancer Foundation supports cancer patients locally with resources and funding to help them navigate a cancer diagnosis while they are in treatment.

“These two organizations attack cancer in different ways. We felt that by splitting our donation between them that Shaker could help fund cutting edge research to find a cure for cancer but then also support those in our own community who are struggling with the toll that this disease can take,” said Shaker COO Zach Pappas.

Rachel Hye Youn Rupright of the NYOH Community Cancer Foundation attended the send-off ceremony and accepted a donation of $3,750, representing the approximately 75,000 miles that one of the trucks has driven over the last six months, prior to the installation of the cancer graphics and the official start of the program.

“It means so much to us to have Shaker supporting our foundation and this program will truly make a difference in the lives of cancer patients in our community,” she said.

Shaker expects that collectively, the trucks will drive approximately 200,000 miles per year, representing $50,000 in donations to the two charities by the end of the trucks’ active service time.

“This program was a grassroots effort from our employees,” Smith said. “They came up with the idea of doing something special with these trucks, and to honor these drivers and everyone else in the company who has been impacted by cancer. We hope that we can be one small part of finding a cure and making life with cancer more bearable.”

If you’d like to join us in fighting cancer one mile at a time, donate to V Foundation via our fundraising page, or support the NYOH Community Cancer Foundation via donating on its website.