New equipment, technology reduces Shaker’s carbon footprint

Shaker Logistics continues its efforts to improve its carbon footprint and deliver greener transportation solutions by deploying equipment and technology that promote reduced emissions and energy use. As the company acquires new equipment with better fuel performance, older tractors are being removed from Shaker’s fleet. New tractors recently purchased, like the Kenworth T680s, have state-of-the art emissions mitigation and feature electric APUs to reduce idle time.

“Our tractors drive an average of 10,000 miles each month, and we want to do our best to make sure that we are not only delivering our customers’ freight, but also delivering on a commitment to help our environment,” said Jason Smith, Shaker’s CEO.

At its headquarters in Waterford, Shaker is in the final stages of procuring solar panels for its roof. The company is also investigating electric vehicle charging stations for its employee parking lot.

“When we designed our new headquarters a few years ago, we focused on easy wins to make our company more environmentally responsible, like LED lighting everywhere, sensors that automatically shut off lights in our warehouse, and an HVAC system that optimizes heating and cooling of our workspace,” said Smith. “Now, we’re tackling our tractors and equipment and taking a hard look at fuel efficiency of every vehicle in service. We are capitalizing on opportunities to replace our older tractors with newer models that are more efficient and better for the planet.”

Shaker expects to see a 26% per-vehicle reduction in carbon emissions from improved fuel mileage performance on its newer tractors.