tractor parked in front of building

Battling equipment shortages, Shaker secures new tractors for fleet

Shaker Logistics took delivery of new Kenworth T680 tractors this week, with more on the way. These state-of-the art power units will support the growth of our truckload fleet across the northeast and in key lanes from Florida to Texas. Despite ongoing supply issues for Class 8 tractors stemming from chip shortages and increased demand, Shaker was able to leverage relationships at key supplier Kenworth Northeast to secure six new tractors.

“It’s a really difficult environment right now for equipment,” said Bill Quinn, VP of Shaker Transport. “But upgrading and expanding our fleet is a key priority for the company. These new Kenworth units are packed with features that promote safety and sustainability, and they are just plain fun and comfortable for our drivers to be in,” he said.

The Kenworth T680 includes an aggressive aerodynamic design, predictive cruise control, collision mitigation, and Kenworth’s precision powertrain system, PACCAR. Once Shaker receives each power unit, it outfits each with Samsara in-cab technology to monitor fuel efficiency, safety, idle time, and other factors that help our fleet operate efficiently and minimize environmental impacts. The company also equips each tractor with an auxiliary power unit from Carrier that provides electricity to operate all in-cab devices and control cab temperature in all seasons. By relying on the APU instead of an idling engine for power, Shaker minimizes diesel fuel expenses and carbon emissions, while enabling drivers to stay comfortable during mandated rest breaks and overnight sleep stops.

Driver entering tractor trailer
Pat leaving Shaker HQ for his first drive in the new Kenworth T680.

For Shaker drivers, the T680 has premium options to make life on the road safer and more comfortable, including a bunk, microwave, mini-fridge, and technology packages and digital displays. Drivers covet new equipment and our very own Pat headed south to Florida for the maiden voyage of his T680. He’ll return to our Waterford headquarters and drive throughout the Northeast hauling loads for key Shaker customers.

“Investing in equipment benefits our customers and our team,” said Quinn. “We want our drivers to be comfortable at Shaker and part of that is making sure they have safe and reliable equipment with the latest technology. And for customers, new equipment with technology for maximizing fuel efficiency helps keep freight costs under control and ensures we have capacity needed to deliver for them,” he added.

Shaker expects to take delivery of a total of six Kenworth tractors by the end of 2022.